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This was the first book I have read by this author, but it won’t be the last! I don’t know if this is going to be a series or not, but I really hope so!

Just a warning to readers, this is a full length book and once you start reading it you won’t be able to put it down!


Hi, call me Sevannah or Sev. I write romance with erotic elements and like kick-ass women against alpha males. I'm a Christ-follower writing erotica (don't ask).

Coffee lover, Krav Maga sufferer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ex-gamer and seller of legendary weapons, married to a biker and D&D player (the-force-is-with-him meets live-long-and-prosper (me).

I love to interact with my readers and your feedback is invaluable to me. Feel free to find me on social media. Always open to chat.

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Quin has had enough of her seven military guardians ruining her life. They trained her to survive, but all she longs for is romance. Now she has to free herself, a lounge singer, and a personal assistant from the bowels of an alien ship. When a species of gorgeous aliens answer her mayday, she can’t help but like the look of the commander.


Her first mistake as a clan-less, half-orc was stealing from a lethal lawbringer. Agreeing to stay with him as penance was her second. But her third wasn’t when he brought her onto a battlefield then sent her to fight. No, it was loving him. 


Her first mistake as a clan-less, half-orc was stealing from a lethal lawbringer. Agreeing to stay with him as penance was her second. But her third wasn’t when he brought her onto a battlefield then sent her to fight. No, it was loving him. 


#1 Plump Jane bowls over fitness-guru Max.

#2 Curvaceous Amelia has lawyer Tom on the defensive.

#3 Dependable Finley warms Dante after a flash flood.

#4 Combatant Tessa loses her heart to Cam in London.

#5 Baker Navy falls for her oldest friend, Oliver.


Paranormal Romance

A sassy detective struggles to maintain her integrity in a multi-species world but finds herself choosing sides in a vampire-shifter war instigated by a human politician.


Fantasy Romance

An orphaned princess travels across realms running from suitors and assassins in the hopes of reclaiming her kingdom.

Soul Forged

Sci-Fi Romance

Know-it-all Oriana agreed to travel with aliens who need women. But she didn’t agree to abduction, life/death battles and escaping with a bossy, arrogant man. With a bounty on her head, happily-ever-after isn’t all flowers and pink sunshine.


Modern Romance

Spinster Mila would rather quit her job than face the gorgeous office player. But when her last project throws them together, and the truth comes to light, she has only herself to blame for the state of her heart.

Loving Finley

Modern Romance

Finley’s a ranger on her family’s mountain. One last trip escorting citified men, then she’s off to a writing retreat. Until a flash flood sweeps her and the gorgeous Duke downstream. Now she has to save his sexy ass and not fall for him.


Modern Romance

With her divorce pending, romance author Tess is in London to land a publisher. Involving herself in a brawl draws the sexy club owner’s attention, who sweeps her off her feet. She planned to lose herself in London, not lose her heart



Modern Romance

Alone and lonely, baker and romance author Navy turns to her childhood friend for sexual research, not expecting him to crash on her doorstep, help her woo a local fireman, purchase a hunting lodge, and steal her heart from under her.


Modern Romance

Eccentric Jane guards her heart behind her plump ass until she meets fitness guru, Max. With her book tour looming, she embarks on a ‘toning’ regime. But for Max, there’s just something lovable about Jane.

The Shikari

Sci-Fi Romance

In space, Mick kills or collects creatures for credits. Mutated in one of those attempts, she may be stronger, faster but she's still lonely. Tasked to confirm the existence of a griffin-like species, she joins forces with an old friend who thought her a boy. Can she survive what he has planned for her, encountering the griffin shifters, and the revelation that her not-dead mother has assassins out to kidnap her?

Coming Soon
Fate Forged

Sci-Fi Romance

Lonely and doomed to spinsterhood, Jacqueline’s unequipped to handle an alien man’s potent attraction. But everything isn’t all roses. There’s betrayal, battles, escapes, and his stubbornness to get through before she can finally claim her man.


Sci-Fi Romance

Attacked and forced to crash on a barbarian planet, Molly must come to terms with never leaving this world and allowing the chieftain to have his way with her, all while her attackers continue their pursuit.


Modern Romance

Hannah spies on Mr. Stud-Muffin in the apartment building across from her. Little does she know, he's returning the favor. When their paths collide amid leashes and poodles, Roman seizes the opportunity to make Hannah his own.